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London-based artist Liz Rideal has incorporated fabric and drapery into her photo-booth prints, photograms, videos and installations for over twenty years. Her current exhibition, “FREEFALL,” “brings together pieces from across several years that explore Rideal’s interest in how drapery and water share a sense of movement and form, and how light plays similarly across the surface of both,” Gallery 339 says in a statement about the work. The cloth in these pieces appears to be free-flowing, as if captured from a film still. Each image explores movement within different environments and backgrounds. “In all of these, she has investigated the varying physical properties of cloth as well as the role that it has played across time and cultures. Her work has paid particular attention to how cloth is used to control what is seen and known—cloth hides and cloth reveals, and in so doing it stirs both anticipation and trepidation for what is ‘behind the curtain.'”

“FREEFALL” is currently on display through November 22, 2014 at Gallery 339 in Philadelphia.

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