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The Many Faces of Gordon Stettinius

Gordon Stettinius, a resident of Richmond, Virginia, spent eight years getting his photo taken at Mangini Studio by Terry Brown, a fine-art and commercial photographer who, at the time, was Mangini Studio’s main photographer. With each visit, Stettinius appeared as a different character (slides 8 and 9), or with drastically different hair styles (slides 1, 2 and 4).

The many faces and looks of Gordon Stettinius (Brown and Stettinius have produced over fifty images) have garnered tons of internet attention over the last few years. Today, the pair release the series as a book, Mangini Studio, which is available in hardcover from Stettinius’s own publishing company, Candela Books. The book’s cover design mimics a high school yearbook, and the humorous portraits (as well as the tongue-in-cheek press release) make us laugh, while also encouraging us to re-evaluate the way we look at ourselves.

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