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The Memory of a Moment

Jason Fiske is an artist based in Portland, Oregon. His father passed away before he was born, so Fiske was raised by his grandfather in Brookfield, Massachusetts. He says his grandfather taught him to slow down and appreciate nature and the environment, which may have led Fiske to become a photographer—someone who takes time to really see the world and notice hidden details.

As time went on, Fiske felt a need to make visits with grandfather really count. Their last moments together were spent looking at his photographs. The images he shared were carefully curated. Fiske says in his artist statement, “…it was necessary for me to make him understand he had instilled within me a deep appreciation of all things unseen…the ones I chose that day began a quest for something intimately sacred, to live in this moment forever.” Fiske calls this series of images he made on the road “Our Gods.

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