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The Ruins of Secret Cities

There are two cities in East Kazakhstan, Priozersk and Kurtchatov, that did not officially exist until the Cold War ended. These areas, located on the border of Kazakhstan and Russia, were used for top secret military testing of atomic and long-distance weapons, their effects quietly documented. Structures built to house these massively destructive tools were mostly demolished, leaving behind broken ruins. The unique landscape and history interested photographer Nadav Kander. “Fascinated by the area’s past and driven discovery, Nadav Kander’s photographs portray stark fact and bleak setting with a characteristic poeticism,” Flowers Gallery said in a press release about the series.

Kander’s project, “Dust,” was recently released as a book and an interactive smartphone app. The app includes the images, a map, a video interview, list of upcoming events and information about the book. Kander’s fine art prints from “Dust” were recently on view at Flowers Gallery in London but will open at Torch Gallery in Amsterdam November 27, 2014.

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