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People of the Twenty-First Century

Over the course of the last 20 years, Dutch conceptual artist and street photographer Hans Eijkelboom documented fashion trends worn by people in New York, Paris, Amsterdam and Shanghai. The images, laid out into grids, are compiled into one comprehensive book, Hans Eijkelboom: People of the Twenty-First Century (Phaidon Press, 2014).

No other photo book gives you so many fur coats, plaid shirts, pink tank tops and jean suits. Eijkelboom’s process involved scouting busy pedestrian areas, sometimes spending a half hour, or even a few hours waiting, observing passerby and paying careful attention to repeating garments. Using a trigger in his pocket, he snapped the photos from a camera hung around his neck.



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  1. photos that I would not give a second chance if I took them. Even more uninteresting when lumped together. How cute … they all look the same.

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