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The Heart of the South Bronx

Parisian-born Martine Fougeron is a fine art photographer based in the Bronx borough of New York City, and much of the work she has made since her arrival in 1996 centers around its life and culture. “Bronx Trades” is a long-term project composed of four parts: portrait, landscape, environment & abstract. In a statement about “Bronx Trades,” Fougeron says the project highlights “the historic and economic importance of the workers and their craft in the industries of Hunts Point and Port Morris to the wider New York community, bringing closer together the area’s residential and industrial communities, and encouraging youths to pursue their own trade in the Bronx and beyond.” The series includes steel, metal recycling, baking, hand-made bedding, wooden-boat making and more. The work has helped teach Bronx youth about their local trade industry—it may also evolve into outdoor murals in the community.

The show, “Heart of the South Bronx: Trades,” opens tonight at The Half King as part of The Half King Photography Series and will be on display through October 19, 2014. Join Martine Fougeron and curator Elisabeth Biondi this evening at The Half King for a slideshow screening of the work.


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