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The Yellow River: River of Legend

According to an old saying, China’s Yellow River is the root of the soul. Photographer Zhang Kechun decided to follow the course of the river, “with all my courage and my only presentable tool–a large-format camera.” He set out with hopes that “I could find the root of my soul,” he says.  Inspired by he novel River of the North written by Zhang Chengzhi, the photographer also wanted to see if the river he explored matched the river of his imagination. His images of the river are startling, fantastic and eery.  Zhang’s project on the Yellow River was recently named the winner of the 2014 Daylight Photo Awards. More about his work and the jurors’ picks in the contest can be found at  the Daylight Photo Awards website.

Born in Bazhong, Sichuan Province, China, Zhang worked as a designer for several years in Chengdu before he launched his career in photography. His photographs have been shown in many photo festivals, including PHOTOQUAI, Look3 Festival of the Photograph, Delhi International Photography Festival and the Angkor Photography Festival.

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