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San Francisco-based artist Klea McKenna creates surprising, conceptual images of the natural world, using non-traditional methods such as hand-made cameras, outdoor photograms and light sensitive paper. On her website she writes, “I begin by responding to a particular location, a landscape that I have a personal relationship to or that has a compelling history. I want to record an imprint of this place – both visual and emotional – rather than a picture of it. With this in mind, I rarely ‘take’ photographs. Instead, I devise ways that light sensitive materials can interact directly with landscape and reveal something unexpected, something that decodes the way we experience a place or a phenomenon.”

Her new exhibition, “No Light Unbroken,” includes rain study photograms, created during outdoor evenings in both Northern California and Hawaii, as well as a few images from other series. “Klea McKenna: No Light Unbroken,” opens September 6 and runs through October 18 at Von Lintel Gallery in Los Angeles. Join McKlea Saturday, September 6 from 6-8pm for the opening reception.

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