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Target Practice

One of Germany’s most notable female photographers, Herlinde Koelbl, has spent the majority of her career focusing her lens on society. For her latest project, “Targets,” she spent over six years in many countries, documenting military training facilities and mock targets from shooting ranges. The images are currently showing in Berlin through October 4, 2014 at the German Historical Museum, and Prestel published a 240-page hardcover book earlier this spring. “In the vast expanse of barren deserts, in labyrinths of concrete bunkers, and in mock Arab villages created by Hollywood set designers, soldiers are being taught to take aim at a great range of targets, all for the same deadly purpose,” the publisher said in a statement. The book contains interviews Koelbl conducted with soldiers, and the exhibition includes video and sound installations. “Excerpts from interviews give a personal insight into the situation of soldiers at the world’s firing ranges,” the museum said in a statement. “Ultimately, they themselves are going to be the targets in armed conflicts.”

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