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Fresh Faces For L’Officiel Brasil

Millions of people flocked to Brazil this summer to watch and celebrate the World Cup. It often seemed as if everyone had World Cup fever, including fashion magazines, many of which featured well-known models with sporty motifs on their covers. In an attempt to go against the grain, L’Officiel Brasil decided to put a new, unknown face on their cover, wearing a fresh, yet classic look. Brazilian-born fashion photographer Gustavo Marx was already working with L’Officiel Brasil on a feature when its creative director, Thiago Batistsa suggested Marx shoot the cover  as well. Having worked together in the past, they were familiar with his work and knew he was the right fit. Marx told PDN via email, “We talked on that same day, and a few days later I was shooting the cover.” The shoot took place in a photo studio, as well as on the set of a former TV studio that is now used as a garage. “Many of the most iconic Brazilian TV shows were recorded there, and its great ‘energy’ remains.” Marx had one day to shoot two models for possible cover options, with the help of a 10-person crew. He had one day to shoot the feature, with five different models and a crew of 18. A close-up portrait of 15-year old Brazillian model Ellen Rosa wearing Dior against a baby blue background was chosen for the June 2014 cover. “The main idea was to reaffirm L’Officiel Brasil‘s passion for what’s new out there. She was fresh, classic, unusual and full of energy.”

“I have always kept a good proximity to the Brazilian market while living 100-percent of the time in New York. Now I live half of the time in Brazil, and half here in New York. It’s been an amazing time. Work is in full-mode here and there, which fulfills the heart and soul.”


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