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A Whimsical Summer Ad for Google Fiber

Conceptual still life photographer Dan Saelinger was inspired by scenic New England for his recent ad campaign for Google Fiber. This was Saelinger’s second shoot for the brand, and third with Venables Bell & Partners, an ad agency based in San Francisco whose client list is impressive – Google, Intel, SKYY Vodka, Reebok, and Audi, to name a few. The agency felt Saelinger’s signature lighting and aesthetic is exactly what they wanted for Google Fiber’s branding.

Saelinger spent three days researching inspiration and sketching, while prop stylist Birte Von Kampen spent four days prepping (researching shapes, practicing ways of putting the pieces together, cutting out shapes). Saelinger told PDN via email  “they were really fond of my initial sketch, so it was really just a matter of some adjustments to the style of trees, simplifications, and switching a few details around, for example we switched a water skier to a pair of people in a canoe. I also did a bunch of details of objects like trees, bushes, and close ups of different parts of the scene.” The actual build took two days with a minimal crew – Saelinger, Von Kampen and design director Blake Bakken.

The image is currently online and running in Google Fiber markets in Kansas City, Kansas and Provo, Utah on billboards, newspapers, malls, and signage.

Saelinger is based in Portland, Oregon and is represented by Apostrophe.

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