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The Land of Trees

Daniel Kovalovszky has been making peaceful, graphic and unusual images of trees for the last few years. Based in Budapest, Kovalovszky finds his wooded landscapes in Eastern Europe. This long-term project, “Green Silence,” is a departure from his other documentary work which deals with the politics and industry in his homeland of Hungary. In his artist statement Kovalovszky says, “The woods do not care for the loud, suffocating city life, where we people are trying to live or rather trying to survive. The trees are following their own patterns that have been gently hard-coded inside them by some superior energy.” The repetitive tree formations have a calming effect on the viewer.

Kovalovszky studied portrait photography and photojournalism in Budapest after graduating from high school. He’s been a photographer since 2001, and has since exhibited in multiple galleries and museums in Eastern Europe and the United Kingdom, including a 2013 solo show of “Green Silence” at The Hungarian House of Photography in Budapest.


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