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The Sweet Way: Italy in the 1980s

In the 1980s, same as it is now, Italy was full of passionate and expressive people. Its beautiful scenery, full of historic buildings, monuments and sculptures, provided a backdrop for Charles H. Traub‘s provocative images of its people who are all after “dolce via” (the “sweet way”). Traub’s newest book, Dolce Via (Damiani, April 2014), “highlights [his] ability to capture spectacular moments in vivid color, in which tourists linger in front of Roman monuments and teenagers prance around town in nothing more than bikini tops,” says the publisher in a statement about the work. “Traub’s images are marked by a candid intimacy that combines humor and spontaneity, making us long for an Italy that once was—or perhaps only existed in our romantic, brightly hued imaginations.” Simply put, these images transport the viewer to Italy.

Traub’s career in photography has lasted almost fifty years and he’s published seven books. He is also the founder and chair of the MFA Photography, Video and Related Media program at the School of Visual Arts and is the president of the Aaron Siskind Foundation.

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