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A Philosophical Painter

Photographer Morten Frool attended a multimedia/photography workshop with National Geographic photographer Marcus Bleasdale in Oslo, Norway, in December 2013. For his workshop project, he chose to work with a philosophical, anarchist painter named Art Ranger.

Art Ranger is a 47-year-old man living a few miles outside of Fredrikstad, Norway, and living in a very different way than most people. Art Ranger essentially set up his own art camp in a WW1 Russian wagon, surrounded by numerous art installations and giant painting canvases. Art Ranger has completely rejected “normal” society, refusing to pay taxes to the state. Art Ranger says in Frool’s short film, “ART107,” “the ‘art ranger’ concept is all about taking responsibility for the life that I have—as well as expressing who I am as a person.” “Art” is the creative flame, while “ranger” protects the flame, he says.

In his artist’s statement about the project, Frool says, “It is more or less impossible to not be a part of the society we live in today. This is why I find this man interesting. He has found his way out of it, staying mostly on his own in his mobile Russian wagon where he eats and sleeps.”

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