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Back to the Future

We’re all aware of getting older and may obsess over how our bodies gradually change with the years. Have you ever wanted to step back a few years and reconnect with a younger self? Would it be amusing or just plain creepy? Back to the Future is a book by Argentinian photographer Irina Werning, who takes old pictures and then mimics them years later with the subjects dressed, styled, and posed exactly as they were in the original. The results are quirky and a fascinating insight into the aging process. Surprisingly, the subjects often slip seamlessly into their old persona, so that even though their physical appearance may have changed, the spirit is still plainly the same. – Courtesy teNeues

Irina Werning says she came up with the “Back to the Future” idea after scanning old photographs, and accidentally finding one of the locations where an image was shot. In 2010, Werning’s “Back to the Future” project went viral, filling Facebook feeds, blogs, Twitter and Tumblr. Werning received her MA in history at the Universidad Di Tella in Buenos Aires in 1999, and an MA in photojournalism at Westminster University in London in 2006. She was selected for the Joop Swart Masterclass (through World Press Photo) in 2007. The book, Back to the Future, is currently available (teNeues, June 2014), but Werning is continuing the project, currently looking for participants in Korea, Taiwan and Tokyo. Shoot her an email at backtothefuturepics@gmail.com if interested.

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