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Fatherhood’s Variations: Sherpa, Caveman and Lion

As working fathers (and mothers) already know, it is a difficult task managing the work/life balance. In an effort to spend some extra time with his daughter, Tala, conceptual portrait photographer Michael Clinard began a series of vignettes about fatherhood. A few examples of his projects are featured here—the Dad sherpa buried with endless toys and kid things (slides 1-3), “Cave Daddy” teaching his child the basics (slide 5-6), and “Lion Daddy” teaching his child how to survive in the wilderness (slide 4). Despite a large client list (AARP, Amazon, Esquire, Microsoft, and Scientific American to name a few), Clinard finds time to spend with Tala. “Unless a big shoot comes up, we spend Fridays together. We do something observational. We look at tigers. Go to a museum. I’m learning so much.” Clinard who lives in a woodsy suburb outside of Seattle, also explores the broad notion of fatherhood in his blog, “The Hills, 98006.”

For more about how photographers manage a work/life balance, check out this article.

We’re featuring photo projects about fatherhood all week on PDN Photo of the Day. See our related Father’s Day post here.

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