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Rocky McCorkle‘s series of 135 large-scale photographs [10 of which are included in this gallery] titled “You & Me On A Sunny Day” is conceived as a silent film in the form of a sequence of stills. The works, seen in order, tell the story of an elderly woman recollecting, and at times dreaming about, her deceased husband and his youth as a champion long-distance runner. All of the interior shots were made in the artist’s own San Francisco apartment, which he transformed into a complex mise-en-scène for the unfolding narrative. To complete his monumental project, McCorkle spent every Sunday for five years photographing his downstairs neighbor, Gilda Todar, in the lead role. The astonishing clarity and richness of detail in the prints is the result of a painstaking process of shooting up to twenty-two individual high-resolution photographs for each final image, using digital technology to create a fantastically seamless montage. — Courtesy Berkeley Art Museum.

McCorkle, based in San Francisco, received his BFA in photography from Ohio State University and his MFA at the San Francisco Art Institute. Todar was born in 1927 in San Mateo, CA. According to her “about” page on McCorkle’s site, she is an avid moviegoer and bridge player, and in her next life she “will pursue acting.”

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  1. I had envisaged something more akin to a genuine cinematic experience – these photographs don’t really conform to the rigor of that medium…To be honest they strike me as an attempt (albeit a failed one). A typically modernist effort, insofar as the concept is king (hang the execution). Over saturated colors, faux decor and feigned expressions, achieve a kind of advertorial result…The set’s rather like the kind of chocolate that comes beautifully wrapped, but ultimately leaves a nasty taste…

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