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All About the Benjamins

Still-life photographer Gregory Reid has created colorful, graphic images for magazines such as Wired, Popular Mechanics, W, Reader’s Digest, and Money. All of this work led to his second cover assignment (his first was for Reader’s Digest in October 2013) – “101 Ways to Build Wealth: Reach Your Ultimate Goal With These Smart, Simple Steps” for the May 2014 issue of Money. Like many conceptual photographers, Reid’s first step with any project is to draw sketches. Reid told PDN via email, “Sometimes, this shoot in particular, real life translates a little differently than the sketch, and we’ll kind of use the sketch as a building block, improvising accordingly on set. Luckily most of my clients have been very understanding about my lack of drawing skills, haha.” Reid has a studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, but due to the scale of this shoot, these images were made at Fast Ashley’s (in Williamsburg, Brooklyn). Prop stylist Megumi Emoto with help from Aran Tharp, Reid’s photo assistant Patrick Dougherty, photo director, Ryan Cadiz, and design director, Patty Alvarez both from Money were on set. When asked how the bills were made, Reid’s tongue-in-cheek response was “we have a money tree orchard growing in an undisclosed location.”

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