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Escaping the City

In early February 2014, we posted images of New York’s largest playground, Central Park, covered in snow. The park looked magical in the snow, though, in realty, our winter was treacherous. No matter how many layers of clothing worn you still felt the chill, umbrellas were useless in defending against the snowfall, socks were soaked, school days were cancelled, many people were late to work or snowed in, and some lost their temper.

Today’s post shows a different side of the park. Here we are, mid-May, and though rainy and gray at times, we are no longer wearing four layers of clothing. No hats, no scarves, no gloves. Central Park is full of blossoming flowers and green trees full of healthy green leaves. As temperatures increase, New Yorker’s will take advantage of the park’s beckoning call to slow down and enjoy the summer. Photographer Lauren Henkin has studied the American landscape for the last decade. In her series, “The Park,” she depicts a “massive constructed urban space and how people engage it.” In a statement she said, “When I began this project in 2009, I was a tourist. Now, I live in New York, with an intimate understanding of the escape the Park provides—from noise, pollution, density, and looming skyscrapers which only occasionally permit a glimpse of the sky.”

The Park” is currently on view through June 8th, 2014 at the Foley Gallery in New York City.

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