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Russell Stover’s Sweet Treats

For a story about candy manufacturer Russell Stover in the February 13, 2014 issue of Bloomberg Businessweek, Chicago-based photographer Ryan Lowry was assigned by photo editor Alis Atwell to photograph the Russell Stover factory, located in Iola, Kansas. Shooting in a factory has it’s challenges—Lowry received a call from Atwell on Thursday asking him to book a ticket the following morning for a flight to Kansas City. No sooner had Lowry booked the tickets then he received another call alerting him that the Russell Stover factory does not operate on Fridays. He switched the ticket to the same day, giving him only a few hours to prep. Trying to keep the budget low, Lowry flew solo and shot the factory without an assistant, using only one Q-flash. “I was flying and didn’t have time to pack my travel grip kit,” Lowry says. “Once I was in the factory [Russell Stover] pretty much let me shoot whatever I wanted to—I had a chaperon, of course, but they were pretty relaxed.” Lowry has shot in factories before, including Weber Grill and General Motors. “I love shooting in factories,” he says. “Something about them is so magical.”

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