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Where Time Stood Still in the Philippines

Queens-born, Brooklyn-based photographer Ryan Pfluger spent his recent honeymoon in the Philippines. Pfluger tells PDN via e-mail, “Especially after both the hurricane and earthquake that had recently happened, I wanted to invest the time into a project that spoke of the place and voice of the landscape itself, instead of the recent tragedies.” It was also important that he picked a location that was “somewhere I could make a new project that would be a vastly different landscape” than where Pfluger usually shoots (his work is primarily portrait-driven…people he knows, celebrities, musicians and models). “It was very liberating to make work like this. There is a real sense of time coming to a halt after World War II throughout most of the smaller islands, hence the name of the project. Like most of what I do, I set out to create something meditative, which is the major voice behind my work, but also something that paid homage to the landscape.” The entire project, “Time Stood Still,” is currently on view on Pfluger’s website.

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  1. Must have been a slow day at PDN for this to be chosen as “Photo of the Day”. Their is nothing stunning about these photos or anything remotely worthy of getting a sense of place. They look like holiday snaps taken by an amateur using a point and shoot camera. None of these photos “spoke of the voice of the landscape” and looking at all of them, you wouldn’t even guess that it’s in the Philippines. Picture of bees? A picture of a jungle, blurry shot of what looks like an airport terminal, a zebra? I mean really now, maybe time stood still for the photographer but for the viewer, not worthy of even a second glance. Tons of stunning photos from other photographers who have captured the true essence of the Philippines that deserve a spot here instead of this.

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