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Expanding the Horizon

Sze Tsung Leong‘s series, ‘Horizons,’ is a vast and unique picture of the world, composed of broad, encompassing landscape photographs of this planet’s diverse spaces and terrains. Each image is connected by a common horizon line to form a continuous landscape that suggests an unfurled, and potentially limitless, view of the globe’s surface. Collectively, the images expand the range of vision, transcending familiar borders and forming unexpected relationships, where a desert development in California abuts pastures in Flanders, where Kenya’s open savannah extends into the tidal basins of Northern France, and where the salt flats of Bolivia adjoin Japan’s Ise Bay.” – Courtesy Yossi Milo Gallery

Leong started working on the series in 2001, and exhibited the work at Yossi Milo in 2008. The current exhibition of 29 large prints includes new images shot in a variety of locations. “Horizons” opens Thursday, May 15, with a reception for the artist from 6:00 pm–8:00 pm and runs through Saturday, June 28, 2014. A monograph by the same name, published by Hatje Cantz, is also available.

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