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Saints, Sinners and Side Roads

Richmond, Virginia is home to photographer Gordon Stettinius. Stettinius’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and is held in both private and public collections. Stettinius is also a winner of the 2009 Theresa Pollak Award for Excellence in the Arts. He is represented by two galleries – Robin Rice Gallery in New York and Page Bond Gallery in Richmond, and he’s also the founder of Candela Books, publisher of monographs for Gita Lenz, Salt & Truth by Shelby Lee Adams and Sunburn by Chris McCaw. Candela Gallery in the Downtown Arts District of Richmond, also owned by Stettinius, has helped bring national attention to local photographers.
Stettinius’s “self-described ‘pathological curiosity’ makes for an entirely unpredictable series of photographs, while the small size of the gelatin silver prints emphasizes their detailed nature and enhances the mysterious quality generated by his choice in cameras (namely, the increasingly popular Holga film camera),” Robin Rice Gallery said in a statement about his third solo exhibit, “Signals, Saints and Side Roads.” “Stettinius frequently finds inspiration in road trips, generating an aesthetic with the satirical playfulness of David Graham or Ralph Meatyard. This spontaneous, anthropological approach to photography can be seen in several of the pieces in Stettinius’s collection.” Stettinius’s more humorous anthropological approach can be seen in his series, “Mangini Studio Series.” With collaborator Terry Brown, Stettinius uses himself as the model, and showcases the many ways we can present ourselves to the world.
“Saints, Sinners and Side Roads” opens tonight at Robin Rice Gallery with a reception from 5:30 to 8:30 pm. The exhibition will be on display through June 15, 2014.

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  1. Really? These images? I’m always perplexed that images like these get any attention let alone press. No discernible level of quality. No apparent depth of meaning or story upon viewing. These look like photos any mom could take while on a lame roadtrip between suburbs. Seriously? With all the talent in the world and beautiful imagery abounding, why this crap?

  2. Per plexed don’t you get it? This is ART! It’s DEEP! It’s introspective! And most of all it’s INCITEFUL! (Oops, I meant insightful). NOT!!!

  3. As we all agree, everyone has a right to their opinion. I respect the previous comments for their honesty. But it’s unfortunate that they don’t get it and are not even trying. Artists are all too familiar with negative comments from those that don’t understand the wide range of artistic expression. A little education would be nice – but those that have already made up their minds would probably still not benefit from it. I think Mr. Stettinus’ work is refreshing, clever, and often humorous. Thanks for sharing Gordon. There are lots of us that appreciate your work!

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