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Topography of Quiet

“I am creating mind maps that carry visual memories from places that I have been to. Traces and footprints left on the physical ground are reminders of the intangible force of nature and the randomness of borders created by mankind. In contrast, nature draws borders very clearly — mountains or oceans divide places. I am interested in these spaces in between.” –- Bastienne Schmidt, 2013

“In Topography of Quiet (JOVISart, April 2014), the internationally renowned artist Bastienne Schmidt explores through painting, drawing and photography the subtle interaction between nature and imagination, and the sensation and memory of travel, both physically and metaphorically. Inspired by the beauty of natural patterns and typologies that she discovered on her extensive travels in Egypt, Vietnam, Japan, Burma and Greece, Schmidt traces with her camera, pencil and paintbrush the impact that our environment has on our mind’s eye, and vice versa. This exquisite volume presents works on paper alongside abstracted photographic compositions that complement each other in a lyrical and poetic way.”  – Courtesy JOVISart

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