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An International Celebration of Food Photography

Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year is an international contest celebrating the art of food photography. The contest is in it’s third year, and entries come in from all of the world, its organizers say. Judges for this year’s contest include both food and photography experts, from photographer Martin Parr to India’s celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor, from Simon Bainbridge, editor of the British Journal of Photography, to Pete Eising, CEO of StockFood, the world’s largest food image library. In addition to “Food Photographer of the Year” [see slide 1], Pink Lady offers a variety of categorical winners, including “Food in the Street” [slide 8], “Food and its Place” [slide 4], “Food for Celebration” [slide 10], “Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year 2014” [slide 3], “StockFood Food off the Press” [slide 7], “Food Portraiture” [slide 9], “An Apple a Day” [slide 2], “Food Bloggers” [slide 5], “Young ages 15-17” [slide 6].

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