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Swimming the English Channel

“They come from all over the world to tackle the ‘Everest’ of swimming – the English Channel,” boasts the UK’s Channel Swimming Association on its website. “Ever since Captain Matthew Webb’s first successful Channel swim in 1875, thousands of swimmers have attempted to emulate his feat. Most are content to complete the swim, others are determined to set new records.” Through the years, interest has grown in swimming the Channel, with participants all hoping to add their names to the list of achievers. To date, 1426 swimmers have made a total of 1,903 solo crossings of the English Channel. Photographer and videographer Neal Slavin included this image of the Channel Swimming Association in Dover, Kent, England, in his book The Britons (Aperture, 1986), a collection of “wacky British people” in groups like “Lawn Bowlers” and “Polar Bear Club Members.” A Polaroid print of this image can be seen up close and personal at the AIPAD Photography Show in New York City, which is being held April 10 through 13 at the Park Avenue Armory.

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