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New York, City of Imagination

Even in the ever-changing city of New York, it’s possible to capture glimpses of the past: seeing the cornice on a Beaux-Arts building or noticing an eighteenth century doorway reminds us of the layers of history that make up the modern urban landscape. In his new body of work, Marc Yankus distills these layers and invites us to study them closely. His technique presents New York City buildings in subtle colors and such fine detail that his images could be mistaken for precise architectural renderings shaded in colored pencil. But the exactitude with which he presents bricks and mortar is misleading. He has recreated parts of structures that no longer exist, and isolated monumental skyscrapers from their surroundings. Yankus said in his artist’s statement, “I have attempted to ‘rebuild New York’ through my own, imagined vision, in which the city’s historical buildings, so often taken for granted, exist as living presences.” A visitor leaving his exhibition at ClampArt, in the Chelsea area of New York City, may look at the neighborhood’s former factory buildings with new eyes. “Marc Yankus: The Space Between” opens April 3 and runs through May 17, 2014.

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