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From New York to Montréal By Train

Switzerland-based photographer Patrice Schreyer has been shooting a variety of subjects for commercial and editorial clients for more than a decade. He also pursues personal projects, one of which he shot in 2012 onboard the Amtrak Adirondack train between Montréal and New York.  For “La Marche des Décharnés” (The Walk of the Gaunt), Schreyer spent three days on the train, stopping in Westport and Albany. All of the images were shot digitally using either the Nikon D3s and Fuji X100. He says most of the images were shot through the train’s windows while it was moving, but some were shot on foot during stops. The title of the work, he says, “comes from the feeling I had during this trip in the cold, and remote landscapes with very [little] light.”

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  1. These photos evoked such a cold, lonely feeling in me it was almost pleasurable….. it’s pretty rare that a photo that’s obviously underexposed, barely visible, and containing no people can bring on a whole mood….

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