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A Bountiful Bouquet of Louboutins

Photographer Peter Lippman recently partnered with Christian Louboutin to shoot shoes and handbags for their Spring/Summer 2014 look book. Lippman is no stranger to the luxury brand: He’s been working on their look books twice a year for the last six. This series, photographed in Lippman’s Paris studio in July 2013, was inspired by Impressionist and Baroque master painters like Brueghel, Cézanne, Monet and Van Gogh. The shoes and handbags are almost an afterthought buried in artfully arranged bouquets of colorful flowers. Lippman’s studio manager tells PDN he’s been “dabbling in painterly pictures for 25 years, and each time he comes back to this type of image but the approach is different and it surprises him.” Lippman photographed and conceptualized the shoot. Images were produced over the course of four days with the additional help of stylist Marie Noelle Perriau and assistant Quentin Reytinas. Also according to Lippman’s studio manager he re-shot Cézanne as he “was not happy with the first image” but Van Gogh “came out perfectly from the beginning and needed almost no retouching.”

Happy Spring!

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