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Television Heads

The following was written by Andrew Young. Young’s studio, based right outside of Chicago, produces both stills and film. These images are the first from a longer series, still in progress, that he hopes will be published in book form.

“‘TV HEADZ‘ is a concept put together in 1999 after a 15-hour stint of being glued to the television and truly having no idea of what I had been watching.  I thought about it later and asked myself  ‘if I had this much “blind” captivation by television, who else was as well?’ I decided to pursue this. I bought a bunch of old black and white TV’s and adapted them so people could wear them. I would then put people in everyday situations and photograph them.

The concept is a sort of tongue-in-cheek, sometimes pathetic but realistic commentary on the grip that television has on us everyday people as a society.”

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