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Panama’s $5 Billion Canal Upgrade

In September 2013, landscape/architectural photographer Christoph Morlinghaus was sent by photo editor Lauren Winfield of Bloomberg Markets to photograph an on-going, very expensive, very large construction project—the expansion of the Panama Canal (see Slide 3). Whenever possible, Morlinghaus adds a pre-production day into his shoots, on which he location scouts with a digital camera during the day and studies the images in the evening. For this shoot, however, he had about two hours to photograph the Atlantic side, and four for the Pacific, giving him less than a day for the entire shoot. Many of his requests—extra time, shooting with his preferred equipment (an 8×10 film camera), shooting from a helicopter—were denied. Morlinghaus, however, was allowed to bring an assistant and a 4×5 film camera. It was a challenging shoot, he says. “We were knee deep in mud.” The feature was recently published in the magazine’s March 2014 issue, in both the print and digital editions.

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