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St. Vincent: A Mysterious Musician

Mike McGregor photographed singer/songwriter Annie Erin Clark, better known by her stage name St. Vincent, for the Guardian’s Observer magazine. The New York-based portrait photographer told PDN that after he posted images of the shoot, his blog, which normally gets a few reposts, had gotten almost two hundred reposts. He says, “She has some traction!” McGregor has worked with celebrities and musicians in the past, but he says his shoot with Clark was a little unusual. “I have a team (hair, makeup, stylist, etc) I normally bring for someone like [St. Vincent], but she was totally low key. She turned down my crew and I showed up with only my first assistant.” Unlike most celebrities, St. Vincent chose to do her own make up and did not have a change of clothes. McGregor wasn’t given the address of the shoot, he says, “just a coffee shop where I could meet her PR person who would guide me to the location. It was hugely unnerving but worked seamlessly in the end.” The location was a tiny space, about 300 square feet, but according to McGregor it had great light. “We needed to work out a cover and an interior spread so we improvised which proved extraordinarily easy with someone as photogenic as she is. What a treat.”

And, this writer notes, we could say the same of her new album!



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