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Dream Sequence

In a statement about London-based artist Madame Peripetie‘s award-winning and partially crowd-funded (via Indiegogo) book, Dream Sequence, Sharon D. Lloyd says, “[Dream Sequence] oscillates around the portraiture of unconventional fictional figures seen at the crossroads between fashion, photography, performance and art.” Inspiration for the project came from surrealism and film. All elements were captured in-camera with only “essential” retouching. “Body painting, prosthetics, wigs, unusual 3-D makeup techniques as well as real flowers were used in order to enhance and distort the bodies of the models,” Peripetie says in a statement. “The book is addressed to anyone who is interested in the topic of character design (both in fashion and performativity), makeup/hair design, body hybridization, esthetics, and the philosophical approach to beauty and sublime within photography as a ‘documentation tool,’ as well as a record of the extensive creative process.”

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