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Stranger in a Strange Land

“Transition,” by Los Angeles-based photographer Lauren Marsolier, is currently on display at Galerie Richard in New York City through March 1. The French-born photographer created the series in response to a period of upheaval and transition in her personal life. “‘Transition,’ gives a clue as to the mindset that inspired these images”  the gallery said in a statement. “Going from large metropolis to deserted areas, one can experience a solitary transitional period, during which we feel like a stranger in our new surroundings as much as the surroundings feel strange to us. This temporary feeling of disconnection can surface with any type of change in our lives, be it personal or collective. The passage from an alienated real to an accepted one relates to the peculiar condition of 21st century man spending as much time facing digital screens as facing real surroundings.”

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