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Space Is Not the Final Frontier

Photographer Tyler Shields keeps himself very busy with assignments, commissions and personal projects. His recent project, “Space,” involved a cast of 15, each requiring a different spacesuit. Shields likes the challenge of coming up with an idea, figuring out how to execute it, while staying within the budget. He says it’s “important to me to push myself. It’s very easy to get comfortable, to stay with what works but as more people collect my work, and the more sales I have, the more freedom it gives me to explore my mind…” The idea for “Space” evolved from a desire to learn more about the Hasselblad, as they made the cameras for moon landing.  “One of the guys from Hasselblad came [to a previous gallery show of Shield’s] and he asked me if I would want to shoot a series with one of their cameras. I had just done people flying underwater and [space] was the perfect evolution.” Shields used the H system and the 500c for “Space,” the same type used on the moon. “I looked at the original moon landing and the insane shot of earth. I wanted to see how good I could make my own moon landing look” (Slide 3). Most of the images in the series were photographed in the desert in Palm Springs, Death Valley, Joshua Tree and Malibu but there are a few “secret spots” Shields will not reveal, though he admitted it required a lot of hiking and Gatorade.



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