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Remembering Film

As part of The Camera Club of New York (CCNY) Darkroom residency program, photographer Brea Souders‘ exhibition “Mountains Without Faces” (MWF) opens today, with a reception on Thursday, February 27, 2014. The show includes two of Souders’ projects, “MWF” and “Single Cuts.” “The images in [MWF] are made by layering and shaping cut negative and positives from my film archive over simple white ground,” Souders said in a statement. “As the formation of overlapping slices grows, the clarity of images within the negatives becomes obscured. The layering of colors darkens as it builds.” “Single Cuts” provides “a looser look at the imagery contained within the transparencies, without the obscuring company of one another. But their irregular shapes alter the original intent of their source photographs. They are partial views torn from fully realized images.”

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