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The Three: Senior Love Triangle

Los Angeles-based documentary photographer Isadora Kosofsky met Jeanie, Will and Adina one night when she was photographing another woman in a retirement home. Kosofsky says she observed the trio for a few weeks before asking if she could spend time with them, eventually beginning to photograph them. In May 2012 when TIME LightBox published the images, Nicholas Hegel McClelland wrote the following about Kosofsky’s project: “Three people—Jeanie, 82, Will, 84, and Adina, 90—are bound together in a relationship, a love triangle of sorts, a three-way connection that they rely on to shield them from the pains of loneliness and the fear of aging.” Though Kosofsky still has a relationship with threesome, she says they are no longer connected to each other. “My documentation of the lives and relationships of seniors is a multi-series project,” Kosofsky tells PDN via e-mail. “I continue to work on each photo essay and am also developing a multimedia short film.” Kosofsky won the Inge Morath Award in 2012 for selections from “The Three: Senior Love Triangle” and “This Existence: Rosie and Adam.”

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