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Closed on Sundays

Mark Indig lost his wife, Mamie, in 2009 from metastatic breast cancer. Indig took care of her for the last several months of her life, only allowing himself time to take pictures on Sunday mornings. On those days, Indig drove around Los Angeles looking for something to shoot to help him express his feelings dealing with his wife’s illness. “At first it was pretty aimless until I came across a storefront near my neighborhood,” Indig told PDN via email. “Something about the unreachable beauty behind the burglar bars and the symbolism of Sunday reminded me of my situation and I became pretty obsessed.” Indig continued shooting closed store fronts all over Los Angeles until his wife passed, about three months after he began. “As I continued, I found other meaning in the project; how these small mom and pop businesses reflect the diversity, culture, energy, creativity and eccentricity of the people who create and work in them. The fact that they are closed on Sundays is a vestige to another time, before 24/7 shopping at chain stores and on the Internet. Indig ended up with almost 400 images for his “Closed on Sundays” project, most of which can be seen on his website. “The process of taking these photographs was equally as important as the support of friends and family in getting over my loss. Photography is a great gift, no matter what the skill level or subject.”

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