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Celebrating the Winter Olympics

Men’s Health photo editor Joe Rodriguez approached Los Angeles-based portrait photographer Ramona Rosales with an assignment to take a simple portrait as well as a fun, conceptual shot of four different Winter Olympic athletes. But there was a twist: The location was a large suite, with low ceilings, that she would have to share with a team from Women’s Health. “They know I can work really fast in unorthodox situations, but still keep things fun,” Rosales tells PDN about the assignmentThe photographer only had 20 to 30 minutes with each athlete during a 14-hour window because the shoot took place in late September at the Media Summit in Park City, Utah. “It’s a huge press junket for Team USA. Every athlete from each winter discipline makes the rounds with hundreds of media outlets, all in one hotel. It was a cluster of madness. I swear we got the last rental C-stand in all of Salt Lake City.” Rosales’ images appeared in the January 2014 issue of the magazine.

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  1. These are fantastic and unique shots. Love the humor, but also the athleticness of the Olympic stars captured by Ms. Rosales.

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