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Dogs in Cars

“Photographing dogs has always just been a sideline of mine to make a living,” Los Angeles-based Lara Jo Regan told PDN via email. Her personal website highlights her more “serious” documentary and fine art photography. “My projects with animals help me earn a living and give me a nice respite from the intensity of my long-term documentary projects and [the] pretensions of the art world.” As an owner of three dogs, living in Los Angeles, where everyone drives everywhere, the idea to photograph “Dogs in Cars” came to Regan naturally. Photographing dogs sticking their heads out of car windows poses some challenges. “To achieve certain effects, I concoct a special light to adhere to the car roof, and hang out whatever window offers me the best view of the subject. Once I was strapped to the roof… I go to great lengths to ensure the safety of all creatures involved. As they say, don’t try this at home.” The release of her 2014 “Dogs In Cars” calendar is just the beginning for the project, as Regan is still creating new images and would like to make it in to a book.

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  1. These photos are terrible. They look like the kind of photos that get the pity awards at the county fair. Who would pay money for this calendar???

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