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Storyboard P: The New Generation of Street Dancing

Photographer Zach Gross shoots a lot of fashion, portraits and landscapes. Gross has had several assignments from The New Yorker including this image of Storyboard P (first image in the slideshow) that ran in their January 6, 2014, issue. Storyboard, Jonah Weiner writes, “at 23, he is a star of flex, a form of street dance characterized by jarring feats of contortion, pantomime, and footwork that simulates levitation. Much in the way that Savion Glover infused tap dancing with visceral aggression, Storyboard has pushed street dancing in a darker, more mature direction. His choreography, most of it improvised, has a wide range of influences: Jerome Robbins, especially his work in West Side Story; the Nicholas Brothers, whose acrobatic tap-dancing routines amazed Fred Astaire in the 1940s; and, above all, Michael Jackson, whose otherworldly movements frightened Storyboard when he was little.” (Excerpt from “The Impossible Body,” The New Yorker, January 6, 2014). Before the shoot, Gross scouted the area where Storyboard grew up, between Crown Heights and Brownsville in Brooklyn, New York. Though he works “loosely” with his subjects, “most of my concepts come from improvising,” Gross tells PDN via e-mail, something Storyboard understood very well. Additional work by Gross is also included in the slideshow.

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