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Super Seattle Seahawks Fans

Seattle-based photographer Daniel Berman was born in Southern California but spent most of his life in the Pacific Northwest. “It’s a fantastic city to live and work,” Berman says about Seattle. “The closeness of the photography community around here is just incredible,” he tells PDN via e-mail. For Berman’s project on Seattle Seahawks fans, he set up a mobile studio in the Seahawks fan zone area outside the football stadium. He flagged down people who caught his eye. “It’s funny, I ended up shooting many of the team’s kind of iconic fans, without really knowing it. I have always enjoyed photographing portraits of singularly passionate people–whether they are into the Seahawks, Elvis, tattoos, Comicon, guns, or what have you–they just make for interesting subjects.” PDN notes these portraits were taken at a 2009 Seahawks regular season game, before the team was anywhere close to a Super Bowl possibility. Berman has been a longtime fan of the Seahawks and Mariners, but, he says, “these past two seasons have really had me paying attention. There is just this electricity surrounding the team and the city. People are closing their phone calls with ‘Go Hawks’ right now. It’s crazy here.” Will their fans help them with Super Bowl XLVIII this Sunday?




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