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The Wonder of Discovering the Natural World

Prints from photographer Cheryle St. Onge‘s series “Natural Findings” are currently showing through March 1 in a group exhibition at Rick Wester Fine Art in New York City. The exhibition also includes the work of Kate Joyce, Jakub Karwowski, Joe Maloney and Joni Sternbach.

“The photographs from Natural Findings began with the idea, that our early foray into the natural world is not only innate, it is familial,” said St. Onge in a statement sent to PDN. “When an older sibling offers up a jar of glowing fireflies, or grandmother puts a Winter Berry on your tongue, they are in a colloquial, familiar manner forging a path and beckoning to share the natural world.

“Natural Findings explore the curiosity and awe of our early grasp of nature; a paper wasp nest that appears dropped from Mars, the frog egg masse that on close inspection, possible through a photograph, becomes a gelatinous constellation of soon-to-be tadpoles. The photographs become both the shared means of a longer examination and the conduit of our own private recollection of nature.”

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