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The Vastness of Nebraska

Photographer Andrew Moore‘s current exhibit at Yancey Richardson showcases what he calls the “openness of the landscape, and a sense of freedom. Emptiness but not empty pictures.” “Dirt Meridian” is a collection of images from around the one-hundredth meridian (hence the show’s title) in Nebraska. Moore’s interest in the area stemmed from a cousin who worked on a ranch in South Dakota, and other family in Nebraska. Through family connections he was introduced to an expert pilot who specialized in aerial application (crop dusting). By attaching the camera to the strut of the plane and controlling remotely from his laptop inside the plane, Moore was able to photograph looking straight forward, looking straight down, backwards, etc. “I was able to shoot the moment before ‘Decisive Moment,”” he explains. The project will continue and include the southern plains around the panhandles of Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. “Dirt Meridian” runs through February 22, 2014, at Yancey Richardson in New York City.

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  1. Wow! As a resident of Nebraska and a photographer I can deeply appreciate the ‘vastness’ as well as the climate ruin and the obvious progression from the ‘family farm’ as they are being absorbed. Fabulous work, congratulations!

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