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The Forest Floor

The tapestry-like images in “Fallen,” Tanya Marcuse’s exhibition now at the Julie Saul Gallery in New York City, are both still lifes and studies of nature. Shooting on film using a 4×5 view camera, Marcuse constructs the images on the floor of the woods near her home in the Hudson Valley of New York. “I collect the fruit from beneath trees in nearby orchards, freezing them to preserve the spectacle of their decay,” Marcuse explains on her website.  She may work on a single image for days or weeks, adding leaves, flowers and insects, observing how the objects change with time. The images are printed large, encouraging viewers to lose themselves in the world she has created.  Marcuse says, “I try to create tension between decay and new life, randomness and order, flatness and depth, the natural and the fantastical.”

“Fallen” is on view through February 22.


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