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A Serene Look at National Parks

Brooklyn, New York-based photographer Conor Doherty shoots fashion, fitness, still-life and a wide variety of personal work including these infrared landscapes from his ongoing series on America’s National Parks. Doherty tells PDN via e-mail, “My two favorite things to shoot are fashion and landscapes. On a fashion shoot there’s a large crew, lots of energy; it’s a fast-paced environment. When I shoot landscapes it’s just me. It’s calm and quiet.” The first shot in today’s gallery, from Olympic National Park in Washington State, required about a mile hike over loose river stones and gravel to get there but Doherty says it was worth it. Doherty says, “It was not fun, nearly rolled my ankle a few times.” “Olympic #3” was photographed along a stretch of coastline where the forest meets the ocean and dead trees are bleached white by the salty air. “Zion #2” was taken at Zion National Park in Utah during the early morning hours after a snow squall. “The light dusting of snow stayed for about an hour until the sun pushed through the clouds.” Other parks Doherty’s has visited include North Cascades, Joshua Tree and Acadia National Park. “I love finding a great spot,” Doherty says. “It’s almost like meditation: setting up a tripod, framing the shot, tweaking the exposure. Sometimes I return to the same spot for days waiting for the right lighting conditions.”



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