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Randi Berez for adidas

Los Angeles-based photographer Randi Berez has worked for fitness/outdoor brands like Nike, Oakley and Converse, and health/sport titles like ESPN, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Journal, Outside and Women’s Health. Berez has also worked with adidas many times, but when they asked her to shoot 2013 campaigns for Men’s and Women’s Training apparel, she was really excited. The two-day, two-campaign shoot, had it’s own producer and art director for each campaign as lot of photographs needed to be made in a short amount of time. “I love working in that atmosphere of controlled chaos,” Berez tells PDN via e-mail. “Decisive art direction and professional crews keep the machine moving forward and on budget.” Andrew Simpson, who produced the men’s campaign, was “great at meeting the needs of a demanding schedule,” Berez continues. “Our producer [for the women’s campaign], Paige Dorian, was indispensable at keeping everyone on schedule and making sure the client was happy.” One of the biggest challenges Berez and Dorian faced was on the first day, which required shooting in two locations. One of the images was a shot of a particular model and other girls running up the stairs [see the first image in the gallery]. “I am so happy with that shot…it feels very authentic and warm.”



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  1. strong,bright image..training message for Adidas is positive,clear appealing !

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