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Aerochrome Landscapes

Brooklyn, New York-based photographer, designer and illustrator Daniel Zvereff documents his extensive travels by combining his artistry skills into journals, sketches and photographs. Zvereff experiments a lot. For his latest project, “Introspective,” he traveled to the far corners of the earth shooting some of the last remaining rolls of Kodak’s Aerochrome film. Aerochrome, according to Kodak, is false-color reversal film intended for various aerial photographic applications, such as vegetation and forestry surveys, hydrology, and earth resources monitoring. Zvereff used the film after seeing a friend’s slides on a light box. “It felt like pure magic,” Zvereff tells PDN via e-mail. “The fact that the film no longer exists made me want to do something special with what was remaining. Greenland was that special place…

Change throughout the Arctic is inevitable. With ice melting, traditional hunting is near impossible. In the same vein, the ice melt has opened natural resources to mining and oil companies; Greenland’s economy and therefore, it’s social makeup, is shifting from an industry of hunting to an industrial Greenland of mining and oil. My hope is to continue the series next summer, to capture more of the Canadian arctic, and take it further North in Greenland as well.”


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