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GQ’s Best Fashion Gear of the Year

For the December 2013 issue of GQ, in a feature on the Best Fashion Gear of the Year, New York City-based still-life and product photographer Kenji Aoki took a men’s shoe and created a heroic, graphic image. The shoe laces pulled out to the left side of the frame draws the eye to it and the horizontal shadow line below it on the right side of the page. For the best fashion story Aoki and his team – GQ photo editor Justin O’Neill, producer Aiya Ono and soft stylist Claire Tedaldi – spent two days photographing shoes, sweaters, outerwear and accessories. Note that the creatives at GQ chose to leave the InDesign frames (only visible when you are actually working in the document) around some of the text in the magazine layout.

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  1. Actually, I think they placed empty frames under the text as graphic elements, which is why they show an “X.” Very dramatic for such a simple design. Simplicity does create elegance.

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