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A Misty Look at British Piers

Photographed over the course of the past three years,”Pierdom” is a comprehensive and stunning survey of Britain’s 19th century “pleasure piers.” With “Pierdom,” UK-based photographer Simon Roberts has turned his camera to the specific architectural remnants that bear witness to leisure of the past. Built along the coastline of Britain, these piers were originally constructed as landing docks for pleasure steamers, but progressively catered to the needs of seaside day-trippers, who were escaping the grime and smog of the cities. In their heyday, the pleasure piers incorporated cafes, casinos, theaters and even tramways. The large-scale color photographs are often made from elevated positions—a trademark of Roberts’s oeuvre—and with the use of large-format sheet film. The photographer has meticulously utilized formal devices associated with the picturesque—asymmetry, perspective and juxtaposition—resulting in an outstanding body of work that celebrates color, form and detail. – Statement courtesy of Klompching Gallery

“Pierdom” is currently on view at Klompching Gallery through December 21, 2013. A book by the same name is also available.

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